Individualized badges

Dear Indico community, at our conference there are going to be participants from three organizations, and we would like to use a separate color for each organization for the badges. Is that possible somehow? Judging from How to include a photo of a participant in a badge? I assume no.

Separate badge templates and then generating the badges individually for the registrants that should get a particular one would be an option.

Thank you. Indeed, that would be an option – though not very practical for a lot of participants.

Should I create a feature request, or is that only supposed to be a simple solution, and for more advanced things people should export the participant list, and create the badges themselves?

I think the suggestion goes a bit in the “too advanced” corner…

You can filter the list so you don’t have to manually select the “categories” of participants :wink: Then it should scale pretty well even with many participants.