Indico3: favorites lookup causes a 404


I am currently testing indico 3. Almost everything seems to work fine, just a few places (roombooking, profile) I have a problem with favorites.
The js issues xhr-requests for user/api/favorites/ and gets a 404.

I could fix this with

     rewrite ^/user/api/favorites/$ /user/api/favorites/users last;

in the nginx.conf, but could not really find where this URL is set.

Any ideas if this a setup-problem or a problem in the code?


For me the request is correct. Are you sure your client assets are up to date? I.e.:

  • you ran the script that builds them
  • you started that script after checking out the correct branch (the url map is only dumped to url_map.json when that script starts)

Hmm, possible as it was a test for an upgrade (from a pip install). I’ll clean out the static dirs again and try with a local build as well.

After a fresh install from a master-based wheel everything is working as it should.

Thanks for the help.