Indico Workshop 3.5 - Summary

On the 20th and 21st of March 2023, developers, administrators, and representatives of organizations in the Indico community met in Geneva, at CERN and the United Nations, to discuss the latest developments and future plans for the Project, which included a proposal for a new governance model.

A total of 41 people attended the event in person, with 8 other participants joining via Zoom. In total, 16 organizations were represented, 3 of them from an industrial background.

The event was successful in connecting the developers with the community, resulting in fruitful discussions about the future of the project. The proposal for a new governance model was welcomed by those present - this will bring new opportunities for collaboration and help shape the direction of Indico. The community outlined the need for more accessibility features, which will be a major focus point from now. Several collaboration opportunities arose from the discussions, such as bulk management of abstracts and contributions for large conferences, Zoom integration, integration with RH tools, improvements in the landing page, and packaging.

A more in-depth article, detailing some of the presentations and activities, is available on our blog.

Recordings and slides are available on the Workshop Website.

Thanks to everyone involved!

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