📆 Indico Workshop 3.5 (20 - 21 Mar 2023) - Registration Now Open!


:calendar: 20-21 Mar 2023, :switzerland: Geneva

It’s been a long time since we held our last Workshop (5 years!) We almost organized one in 2020, but unfortunately the pandemic hit exactly at that time and we had to cancel. Now that life is back to normal in most countries, we’ve decided that the time has come to give it another try!

The Indico Workshop 3.5 will be an opportunity for Indico service providers, developers and administrators from around the world to get together, exchange impressions and ideas and learn from each other. It will be, for the first time, co-organized by two institutions: CERN :cern_logo: and the United Nations! :united_nations:

  • :handshake: Meet other members of the community in person;
  • :bulb: Share experiences and ideas with them;
  • :books: Learn new things;
  • :crystal_ball: Get to know more about Indico’s future;
  • :loudspeaker: Make your voice heard, share your vision with us;
  • :space_invader: Get to know the Indico Team in person;
  • :tada: Celebrate with us the latest achievements of the Project and the Community!

Some of the topics discussed will include:

  • The latest developments in Indico 3.2 and what to expect in upcoming versions;
  • Best practices for the deployment of Indico;
  • Indico and Web Accessibility;
  • Customization of Indico for organizational workflows;
  • As usual, sharing experiences managing Indico servers;
  • Exchanging impressions with other Indico developers, admins and users and discussing possible collaborations;

:ticket: Registration is now open, so make sure you get your spot at this memorable event!

… and we also count on you to help us shape it. Have you got an idea for a talk?

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Geneva!


There is will streaming in live for remote people that can’t attend in person?

We’re looking into options such as providing a Zoom link at least for the part happening at CERN (since the infrastructure is there anyway).

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that will be great, for learn about the new features or conference talks