Indico unreachable when LDAP server down

Indico was installed from scratch 2 months ago. During the last maintenance window for the LDAP server, we noticed that the indico was unreachable as soon as the LDAP server was rebooted (reproducible).
I wonder If this is to be expected or local to my installation. Relevant entries in /opt/indico/log/indico.log attached.


indico-ldap-error.log (5.5 KB)

Makes perfect sense, if you connect Indico to LDAP and use groups then any group membership check will fail when LDAP is down. Same with logging in via LDAP.

Hey, thanks for answering so fast! Yes, I understand. Yet I am not convinced that the application should error out and not serve pages anymore! The logs show an unhandled exception and the whole Indico blanks out also for unauthenticated users that should see the login page at least. Is this by design, or maybe I am missing something?
Thanks again.

Hi @ThiefMaster, I think we need to explain a bit more our context here, and why @MichelangeloBottura was suggesting to catch the error more cleanly than in the current version.

  • We may have several instances to provide A&A (UID/login and group memberships). Thus, if one of them is down, the system does not become unusable.
  • I understood from the report above that Indico does not give any information to the user on the front-end, or at least no “gentle explanation” like in maintenance mode (e.g. “System down. Please try later, check IT status page or inform admins.”).

The latter is probably the most relevant.