Indico restore problem

Hi, in order to test our documentation, I’m trying to restore an istance of our Indico in a test environment so, after import database successfully, Indico’s folders and check for all events presence, I noticed that I loose all registration forms of next events. I tried to import archive, custom and web folders first and then all folders but I have same result. Please, where am I wrong? thank you so much!!

That’s indeed weird, did you have any errors when restoring the database? Is this only happening for future events or also past ones?

The only errors you should get during pg_restore are about ownership and comments (usually that’s no more than 3 errors when restoring with -O to ignore most ownership information).

Also make sure you are restoring to a database that has the required postgres extensions (pg_trgm and unaccent) enabled, but nothing else.

Hi Marco,
no error during the db restore … but unfortunatly, for past events, we close registration. I tried to re-open one but obtain same error …

Hi Adrian,
yes In according with documentation I use this command:

su - postgres -c 'psql indico-restore -c "CREATE EXTENSION unaccent; CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm;"'