Indico in readonly

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to make a indico 1.2 (yess…I know…I know) in readonly mode. Meaning people can still read the events but cannot change anything ( inscription, upload pdf etc.)
The purpose is to upgrade 1.2 → 2.0 → 2.2 → 3.1, that’s going to take some time and making the indico readonly give us a little more time.


Nope… anyway, unless your instance is huge, I strongly recommend to simply schedule some downtime (or alternatively put a BIG warning that changes will be lost once you start with the migration).

My tip to minimize the downtime:

  • setup a VM/server with v3.1 but do not run indico db prepare - this will be the new production instance
  • setup some VM with v2.0 and indico-migrate which you’ll use for the 1.2 to 2.0 migration
  • run the migration on this VM, then copy the archive folder and database to the production VM and run indico db upgrade there to update the DB from 2.0 to 3.1


Ok thanks for the tips. So you mean I don’t have to migrate from 2.0 → 2.x before migrate to 3.1 ? I can migrate directly from 2.0 → 3.1 ?

Correct, all the migrations from 2.0 on are included; you never have to use intermediate versions :slight_smile: