Indico docker containers issues

I have cloned the repo from indico/indico-containers and after running “docker-compose up” I run into issues where celery never starts. Here is what my logs show:

Do you have any suggestions for me to get this working?

You probabaly need to create a data (and maybe a data/redis and data/log ) directory first.

Thanks for your response. Those directories were already there:
indico % ls data
log redis

The you need to check why the redis service is not coming up.
what is the output of docker-compose log redis (in a second terminal)?

Redis is working, it’s celery that is failing as you can see in my initial snapshot. It can’t get a 200 response from http://indico-web:59999

docker-compose logs indico-redis shows this:

while the logs for indico-celery display this:

I wonder if this check broke when we added enforcement hat the Host header needs to match the hostname from BASE_URL

from the the indico-celery container issuing this cmd:
curl http://indico-web:59999
returns an html page that includes this:

if I issue the command found in the script:
curl -L --max-time 10 -s -o /dev/null -w ‘’%{http_code}‘’
then the response is 404, not the expected 200 that will then start the celery worker: