Indico db prepare error


I’m settingup a fresh dev install of indico3.2.3 and after the indico db prepare command I’m getting this error message -

Postgres version 12 too old; you need at least 13 (or newer)

However, I’ve already installed psql13 in my dev machine. and the virtual environment is also configured with psql13 -


Not sure what’s wrong! Appreciate any help! Thanks!

Is the postgres server your indico.conf file uses running on 13? That’s what matters.

psql --version shows the client version. not the server version.

Thanks, I’m not sure how to edit the indico.conf file to point it to use psql13, it doesn’t really point to specific psql version as far as I can see. Can you help point out the edit in this file, it looks like this under src/indico -

My point was that your postgres server is running an older version. You do not need to edit the config, you need to make sure your running postgres server is on postgres 13.

PS: Or you can use indico db prepare --force - currently we’re still technically compatible with Postgres 12.

Thanks, the --force flag worked