Indico Check-In App APK for Version 2.3

We are in the process of upgrading Indico to the latest version, but currently, we have events that require us to use the old check-in app compatible with the Indico 3.2 server. Since the app has been removed from the Apple and Google Play stores, could you please provide me with the executable files for both Android and iOS?

Thank you.

We have not removed it from the stores, but Google decided to no longer show it because it’s not been updated for a while (even though technically it’d still run fine).

I’ll see if any of my colleagues has the files you’re asking for. If not there’s always the option to build it yourself from source, but it’s probably not going to be pleasant.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. You are right; it has only been removed from Google Play and is still available at the Apple Store. Also, I found the Android version at the following link: