Indico and Exchange Online (Office365)

I just discovered that, Office365 let’s you send messages only, if it is your own domain.

If another institute is organizing a meeting, they can’t use their mail for sending messages to these members.
As a wish I think it would be nice, if everybody within indico could send the message from a fixed internal address but within the message add “reply-to” and that is then the mail address from the user.

So summarized:
From: indico@
reply-to: @ (or if it’s about a meeting, let them choose from which managers mail address)

That would avoid problems with exchange online (Office365).

I believe these will be relevant:

It would be great if this were configurable.

I just found something out:

If someone is putting a contact email within the settings of the meeting, this email address is used in the from field if someone does register at a meeting.

This from address will only be overwritten, if there is another information in the “Notification sender address” field within the registration form.

Is it possible to only put a email address in the from field, if there is a value in the “Notification sender address” otherwise use the standard mail address and never using the contact address?

So summarize my wish:
from email address standard should be Overwrite this address only, if there is a value in "Notification sender address"
For the from field the contact address from the meeting settings should not be validated.

Have to come back to this topic:

This time it is about the reminder mails everybody could enable themselves.
Here the choice is only from the participants list.

These mails are not sent through our mail servers.

I would need the setting, that our whole indico instance is sending from one mail address (no-reply@), an additionally field reply-to could contain the senders address.

As pferreir pointed already out: “It would be great if this were configurable”

As guess more and more institutes are using SPF (and DKIM).

Regarding this topic: Is there any progress?

I think one of the best solution is still, that indico is always sending from the same “From” address and if you choose a user, he should appear in an “reply-to” field.

We got one further problem when it is about invitations to meetings and the user is not one within our domain.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been any progress. But help would be very welcome if someone wants to take over those two tickets.