Indico accessing an Amazon resource

Kindly confirm if it’s normal for my indico instance to be accessing an amazon resource, kindly see bottom of screenshot to url. Seems to be ‘waiting’ which slows down the instance. Thanks

Couldn’t this be due to a CDN? What exactly were you doing when this happened?

No, absolutely not. Is this on I do not see such connections there.

Do you have some browser extension (or malware) that injects ad or similar into websites you visit?

By default, Indico does not use any CDNs or other cloud resources.

Yes. Now I’m wondering where it could be coming from, seems to make site slow.

Try a different browser to rule out extensions. Also check which extensions you have installed in the browser where this happens.

PS: Your instance is incredibly slow even without the amazon stuff, at least when accessed from Europe…


It might be possible to get some more details from the Authorization header there in case it’s a JWT. Paste it on yourself and share the decoded JSON of it.

I’m quite certain it’s coming from some browser extension though, because documentLifecycle and frameType are also part of the webextension API. Which extensions do you have installed?