Indico 3.3 released [v3.3.2]

:bulb: Blog Post

We published a blog post summarizing some of the most relevant changes for end users. It will be updated soon to include the features that have been added since the post has been initially published.

:warning: Linux versions & Python 3.12 :snake:

This release moves from Python 3.9 to Python 3.12. :snake:
It also drops support for legacy (and nearly end-of-life) operating systems, in particular CentOS 7.

Because of this, make sure to read the 3.x to 3.3 upgrade guide if you plan to upgrade an existing instance.

If you need any help with the upgrade after reading the docs, don’t hesitate to open a new forum thread.

:trophy: Major Features

  • A new “Document Templates” module was added which supports the generation of fully customizable PDF documents for event participants such as receipts and certificates of attendance.
  • The Room Booking module now supports recurring bookings that repeat on specific weekdays. For example, a room can be booked every Monday and Wednesday over a set period of time.
  • Badge and ticket templates can now be linked to a registration form. This makes it possible to reference custom registration fields when creating the template.
  • The existing Indico Check-in app has been completely rewritten as a PWA (Progressive Web App). Please note that the old Check-in app has been deprecated and is not compatible with the new version of Indico. The new app can be found here.
  • A new badge/ticket setting has been added which, when enabled, makes it possible to print badges and/or tickets for accompanying persons in addition to the main registrant.
  • Users can now export all their data stored in Indico. This includes personal data and any data they are linked to such as registrations, minutes and files uploaded to Indico.
  • Users can now be anonymized in Indico; this means that all personal identifiers associated with a user will be removed from Indico, whilst only keeping the data that is required for Indico to function properly, in an anonymized manner. This operation can only be performed by Indico system administrators through the indico command-line interface.
  • Administrators now have the option to require users to accept the Terms of Use during signup and after the terms have been updated.
  • Event managers can require participants to accept the event’s Privacy Policy when registering.
  • Event tickets can now be added to Google Wallet using the new experimental Google Wallet integration. You can enable this feature using the ENABLE_GOOGLE_WALLET config setting and then configure it on the category level.
  • The category calendar view has been improved with new week/day views and new filtering options for category, venue, room or keywords.
  • Managers can now change the registration fee for selected registrations in bulk.
  • Lots of new accessibility improvements, including improved keyboard navigation, better color contrast, and better screen reader support.

:flags: Internationalization

:tada: Improvements

  • Invalidate password reset links once the password has been changed (#5878)
  • Add full ACLs for custom conference menu items, instead of just being able to restrict them to speakers or registrants (#5670, thanks @kewisch)
  • Make editing timeline display much more straightforward (#5674)
  • Allow event managers to delete editables from contributions (#5778, #5892)
  • Allow room managers to add internal notes to bookings (#5746, #5791)
  • Support generating tickets and badges for each of the registrant’s accompanying persons (#5424)
  • Add keyboard shortcut (CTRL-SHIFT-A) to toggle room booking admin override (#5909)
  • Improve login page UI, allow overriding the logo URL (LOGIN_LOGO_URL config option) and using custom logos for auth providers (logo_url in the auth provider settings) (#5936, thanks @openprojects)
  • Show only active registration counts on the registration form management dashboard, and add an inactive registration count to the registration list (#5990)
  • Store creation date of users and show it to admins (#5957, thanks @vasantvohra)
  • Add option to hide links to Room Booking system for users who lack access (#5981, thanks @SegiNyn)
  • Support weekly room bookings that take place on multiple weekdays (#5829, #6000, #5806)
  • Hide events marked as invisible from builtin search results unless the user is a manager (#5947, thanks @openprojects)
  • Support sessions that expire at a certain date (specified by the used flask-multipass provider) regardless of activity when using an external login method (#5907, thanks @cbartz)
  • Allow configuring future months threshold for categories (#2984, #5928, thanks @kewisch)
  • Allow editors to edit their review comments on editables (#6008)
  • Auto-linking of patterns in minutes (e.g. issue trackers, Github repos…) (#5998)
  • Log editor actions in the Editing module (#6015)
  • Grant subcontribution speakers submission privileges by default in newly created events (#5905, #6025)
  • Stop overwhelmingly showing past events in the ‘Events at hand’ section in the user dashboard (#6049)
  • Add document templates to generate PDF receipts, certificates, and similar documents for event participants (#751, #5060, #6246, #5123, #6078, #6250)
  • Show which persons are external in the user search dialog (#6074)
  • Add feature for users to export all data linked to them (#5757)
  • Add Outlook online calendar button to share widget (#6075, #6077)
  • Remove Facebook and Google+ share widgets and make Twitter share button privacy-friendly (#6077)
  • Do not bother people registering using an invitation link with a CAPTCHA (#6095)
  • Add option to allow people to register using an invitation link even if the event is restricted (#6094)
  • Improve editing notifications emails (#6027, #6042, #6154)
  • Add a picture field for registration forms which can use the local webcam to take a picture in addition to uploading one, and also supports cropping/rotating the picture (#5922, thanks @SegiNyn)
  • Use a more compact registration ticket QR code format which is faster to scan and less likely to fail in poor lighting conditions (#6123)
  • Add a legend to the category calendar, allowing to filter events either by category, venue, room or keywords (#6105, #6106, #6128, #6148, #6149, #6127, #6110, #6158, #6183, thanks @Moliholy, @unconventionaldotdev)
  • Allow to configure a restrictive set of allowed keywords (#6127, #6183, thanks @Moliholy, @unconventionaldotdev).
  • Add week and day views in the category calendar and improve navigation controls (#6108, #6129, #6107, #6110, thanks @Moliholy, @unconventionaldotdev).
  • Add the ability to clone privacy settings (#6156, thanks @SegiNyn)
  • Add option for managers to change the registration fee of a set of registrations (#6132, #6138)
  • Add setting to configure whether room bookings require a reason (#6150, #6155, thanks @Moliholy, @unconventionaldotdev)
  • Add a “Picture” personal data field to registrations. When used, it allows including the picture provided by the user on badges/tickets (#6160, thanks @vtran99)
  • Support ~~text~~ to strike-out text in markdown (#6166)
  • Add experimental support for creating Google Wallet tickets (opt-in via ENABLE_GOOGLE_WALLET indico.conf setting) (#6028, thanks @openprojects)
  • Add option to exceptionally grant registration modification privileges to some registrants (#5264, #6152, thanks @Thanhphan1147)
  • Add option to require users to agree to terms during signup or after they have been updated (#5923, #5925, thanks @kewisch)
  • Add indico user delete CLI to attempt to permanently delete a user (#5838)
  • Add indico user anonymize CLI to permanently anonymize a user (#5838)
  • Add possibility to link room reservations to multiple events, session blocks and contributions (#6113, #6114, thanks @OmeGak, @unconventionaldotdev)
  • Store editable list filters in the browser’s local storage (#6192)
  • Take visibility restrictions into account in the atom feed (#5472, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Allow linking badge templates to registration forms in order to use custom fields in them (#6088)
  • Allow filtering the list of editables by tags (#6195, #6197)
  • Warn users with a dialog before their session expires and let them extend it (#6026, thanks @SegiNyn)

:bug: Bugfixes

  • Prevent room booking sidebar menu from overlapping with the user dropdown menu (#5910)
  • Allow cancelling pending bookings even if they have already “started” (#5995)
  • Disallow switching the repeat frequency of an existing room booking from weekly to monthly or vice versa (#5999)
  • Ignore deleted fields when computing the number of occupied slots for a registration (#6035)
  • Show the description of a subcontribution in conference events (#5946, #6056)
  • Only block templates containing a QR code via is_ticket_blocked (#6062)
  • Use custom map URL in event API if one is set (#6111, thanks @stine-fohrmann)
  • Use the event timezone when scheduling call for abstracts/papers (#6139)
  • Allow setting registration fees larger than 999999.99 (#6172)
  • Populate fields such as first and last name from the multipass login provider (e.g. LDAP) during sign-up regardless of synchronization settings (#6182)
  • Hide redundant affiliations tooltip on the Participant Roles list (#6201)
  • Correctly highlight required “yes/no” registration form field as invalid (#6109, #6242)
  • Include comments in the Paper Peer Reviewing JSON export (#6253)
  • Fail with a nicer error message when trying to upload a non-UTF8 CSV file (#6085, #6259)
  • Do not include unnecessary user data in JSON exports (#6260)

:wheelchair: Accessibility

:wrench: Internal Changes

  • Support and require Python 3.12 - older Python versions are no longer supported (#5978, #6249)
  • Use (dart-)sass instead of the deprecated node-sass/libsass for CSS compilation (#5734)
  • Add event.is_field_data_locked signal, allowing plugins to lock registration form fields on a per-registration basis (#5424)
  • Replace WYSIWYG (rich-text) editor with TinyMCE, due to the license and branding requirements of the previous editor (#5938)
  • Add a new Indico design system (#5914, thanks @foxbunny)
  • Add event.registration_form_field_deleted signal, allowing plugins to handle the removal of registration form fields (#5924)
  • Add a tool bin/managemnent/ to generate CSS for icomoon icons based on selection.json (#5986, thanks @foxbunny)
  • Pass form class arguments to core.add_form_fields signal handlers (#6020, thanks @vtran99)
  • Remove watchman reloader support, use watchfiles instead (#5978)
  • Improve indico i18n CLI to support plugin-related i18n operations (#5906, #5961, thanks @SegiNyn)
  • Use ruff for linting Python code (#6037)
  • Add <ind-menu> custom element for managing drop-down menus (#5896, #5897, thanks @foxbunny)
  • Allow plugins to add extra fields to the room booking form (#6126, thanks @VojtechPetru)

We have released v3.3.1 which contains an important bugfix.

:bug: Bugfixes

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We have released v3.3.2 which contains bugfixes and improvements.

:tada: Improvements

  • Use more verbose page titles in management/admin areas (#6300)
  • Prioritize exact matches when searching for users (#6254)
  • Show document templates from non-parent categories and other events for cloning as long as the user has management access (#6232)
  • Warn about conflicts from concurrent edits of minutes (#3410, #6193)
  • Include up to two months (up from one week) of past events in dashboard iCal export (#6304)

:bug: Bugfixes

  • Fix adding additional event keywords when some keywords have already been set (#6264, thanks @SegiNyn)
  • Fix overlapping times in some room booking timelines when using a locale with a 12-hour time format (#6263)
  • Fix error when printing badges referencing a linked regform picture field that contains no picture (#6276)
  • Fix error when creating a reminder for exactly one week before the event (#6283)
  • Fix error when unassigning the editor of an editable that has no editor (#6284)
  • Fix error when judging an editable from the list of editables (#6284)
  • Fix validation error when using a mailto: link in an email body (#6286)
  • Clear the flags indicating that registrations or a registration form field have been purged when cloning an event (#6288)
  • Use English locale when formatting dates for room booking log entries (#6295)
  • Fix date validation in room booking failing in certain timezones

:wrench: Internal Changes

  • Allow plugins to fully replace the data in a ticket QR code with a custom string instead of just modifying/extending the JSON dict (#6266)
  • Replace deprecated pkg_resources with importlib from standard library (#6272, #6273, thanks @maxnoe)