Indico 3.1 released [v3.1.1]

New year, new version! We’re happy to announce that we just released Indico 3.1.

:bulb: Blog Post

We published a blog post summarizing the most relevant changes for end users.

:trophy: Major Features

  • Category managers now see a log of all changes made to their category in a category log (similar to the event log). This log includes information about all events being created, deleted or moved in the category (#2809, #5029)
  • Besides letting everyone create events in a category or restricting it to specific users, categories now also support a moderation workflow which allows event managers to request moving an event to a category. Only once a category manager approves this request, the event is actually moved (#2057, #5013)
  • Admins now have the option to enable “Unlisted events”, which are events that are not (yet) assigned to a category. Such events are only accessible to its creator and other users who have been granted access explicitly, and do not show up in any category’s event listing (#4294, #5055, #5023, #5095)

:tada: Improvements

  • Send event reminders as individual emails with the recipient in the To field instead of using BCC (#2318, #5088)
  • Let event managers assign custom tags to registrations and filter the list of registrations by the presence or absence of specific tags (#4948, #5091)
  • Allow importing registration invitations from a CSV file (#3673, #5108)
  • Show event label on category overviews and in iCal event titles (#5140, #5143)
  • Let event managers view the final timetable even while in draft mode (#5141, #5145)
  • Add option to export role members as CSV (#5147, #5156)
  • Include attachment checksums in API responses (#5084, #5169, thanks @avivace)
  • iCalendar invites now render nicely in Outlook (#5178)
  • Envelope senders for emails can now be restricted to specific addresses/domains using the SMTP_ALLOWED_SENDERS and SMTP_SENDER_FALLBACK config settings (#4837, #2224, #1877, #5179)
  • Allow filtering the contribution list based on whether any person (speaker or author) has registered for the event or not (#5192, #5193)
  • Add background color option and layer order to badge/poster designer items (#5139, thanks @SegiNyn)
  • Allow external users in event/category ACLs (#5146)

:bug: Bugfixes

  • Fix CUSTOM_COUNTRIES not overriding names of existing countries (#5183)
  • Fix error dialog when submitting an invited abstract without being logger in (#5200)
  • Fix category picker search displaying deleted categories (#5197, #5203)
  • Fix editing service API calls using the service token (#5170)
  • Fix excessive retries for Celery tasks with a retry wait time longer than 1 hour (#5172)
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Some more things that changed ( mostly plugin dev-relevant):

  • All plugins now need a setup.cfg, otherwise build-wheel fails.
  • Migration to WTForms3 requires changes to some field imports
  • EventLogEntry need to be import from differnet location:
    -from import EventLogEntry
    +from indico.modules.logs.models.entries import EventLogEntry

Indeed, I think we should start listing changes that are very likely to require plugin updates as well (ie any change that affects multiple of our own plugins or APIs explicitly meant for plugins).

We have released v3.1.1 which contains some bugfixes and improvements.

:tada: Improvements

  • Prompt before leaving the event protection page without saving changes (#5222)
  • Add the ability to clone abstracts (#5217)
  • Add setting to allow submitters to edit their own contributions (#5213)
  • Update the editing state color scheme (#5236)
  • Include program codes in export API (#5246)
  • Add abstract rating scores grouped by track (#5298)
  • Allow uploading revisions when an editor hasn’t been assigned (#5289)

:bug: Bugfixes

  • Fix published editable files only being visible to users with access to the editing timeline (#5218)
  • Fix incorrect date in multi-day meeting date selector dropdown in certain timezones (#5223)
  • Remove excessive padding around category titles (#5225)
  • Fix error when exporting registrations to PDFs that contained certain invalid HTML-like sequences (#5233)
  • Restore logical order of registration list columns (#5240)
  • Fix a performance issue in the HTTP API when exporting events from a specific category while specifying a limit (only affected large databases) (#5260)
  • Correctly specify charset in iCalendar files attached to emails (#5228, #5258, thanks @imranyusuff)
  • Fix very long map URLs breaking out of the event management settings box (#5275)
  • Fix missing abstract withdrawal notification (#5281)
  • Fix downloading files from editables without a published revision (#5290)
  • Do not mark participants with deleted/inactive registrations as registered in participant roles list (#5308)
  • Do not enforce personal token name uniqueness across different users (#5317)
  • Fix last modification date not updating when an abstract is edited (#5325)
  • Fix a bug with poster and badge printing in unlisted events (#5322)

:wrench: Internal Changes

  • Add category-sidebar template hook and blocks around category sidebar sections (#5237, thanks @OmeGak)
  • Add event.reminder.before_reminder_make_email signal (#5242, thanks @vasantvohra)
  • Add plugin.interceptable_function signal to intercept selected function calls (#5254)