[indico 2.3.1] Broken links


after fresh install indico 2.3.1 on our new debian web server and copying necessary archives and restoring database, we can access the events and get files, but the links in the event itself, don’t work.

For example, event https://indico.ipb.ac.rs/event/528/ docs are present, but following the links we get 500 Not Found error page and the URL is a like https://indico.ipb.ac.rs/getFile.py/access?resId=2&materialId=0&confId=527 .

We did upgrade db from 0.98 up to 2.3.1 on a virtual machine first.


Add ROUTE_OLD_URLS = True to your indico.conf file (see the related docs).

That worked. Many thanks for the prompt reply.