Indico 1.2 installation

Hi everyone. I currently have indico 1.2 running on a server and have purchased a new server and would like to transfer it to the new server without upgrading to 2.0.


Indico 1.2 is unsupported and, to be honest, should be considered a security risk to run by now - neither it nor any of its dependencies have really been updated in the last years, and we do not monitor security reports of those old versions of its dependencies anymore since no supported Indico version uses them,.

Also, due to changes in the Python package infrastructure it also cannot really be installed anymore using any of the standard processes (pip, easy_install, etc.)

So I strongly recommend you to migrate instead of running an ancient and unsupported version.

If you really insist on installing 1.2, maybe the information in this post are helpful - but even this one was never meant to be a proper installation, just what’s needed to migrate an even older DB to 1.2. So no guarantees that any of the web frontend actually works…