Index of authors in book of abstracts

I am trying to create an index of authors in the book of abstracts. I have managed to put the relevant commands (\usepackage{makeidx}, \makeindex, \printindex) and the index{\VAR{author.last_name}, \VAR{author.first_name}} in the LaTeX template, however the index does not appear because the engine that generates the pdf does not run the MakeIndex programme.

What I am currently doing is to download the .tex file, compile it locally and then upload the book of abstract, which is cumbersome and error prone.

is there a way to run MakeIndex on the Indico server to generate the index?

Check LatexRunner in indico/legacy/pdfinterface/

I guess you could write a wrapper script and configure it instead of the plain xelatex executable in config.XELATEX_PATH.

Minimal wrapper ( untested!):

xelatex $@
xelatex $@


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I’ll try this, thanks!