Including images in abstract


I am setting up an indico page for a conference I am organising. We would like our participants to include images in the abstract. I am experiencing difficulty with this.

I have tried to add an image as an attachment or using the inline "image " option. In neither case the image becomes visible in the list of abstracts (I don’t know if it should). In the book of abstracts we get the following error: “Indico rendering errorCould not include image: URL scheme not supported”

What can I do about this?

Using images in abstracts is a bit tricky:

Step 1) Upload image as attachement
Step 2) Use the inline image feature to add the image with the URL to the attachement.

Step 1) have the user host the image on his server
Step2) Use the inline image with the user-served URL


The first one seems to work!

I tried the second option before, it didn’t work. However, I tried with a different figure on a different site, now it works. Seems to depend on the website apparently…

Using the second method the figure doesn’t show up in the book of abstracts though.

It says “Indico rendering errorCould not include image: Cannot read image data. Maybe not an image file?”
It definitively is an image file (a .jpg). Any ideas why this happens?