Import events from other instances

I set up a new Indico 3.2.2 instance and now I’d need to import events from another instance. I have admin rights only for the new instance, but not for the other one. However, I have access to the events as a user, read-only for some events and read-write for others.

I tried the Import feature for a newly created event, but when I insert the URL of the event to be imported the GUI replies This event does not exist; to me, it seems that this feature works only for importing events hosted on the same instance, is this correct?

I didn’t find any detailed instruction about how to deal with this, so I’d need some help. Also, having to import several events a scriptable solution would be preferred.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, it is not possible to import events from another instance unless you have shell access to the server on both of them. The only alternative is manually recreating the event…

What you can do however is asking the admin of the other instance to use the indico event export command-line util to export those events for your and then send you the archives.

Note: For this to work both instances need to be on the same version (e.g. 3.2.x).

Thank you very much for the clarification. This makes me wonder what is the purpose of the Import feature: as I wrote, it asks for the event URL so it makes me think that it is intended to support import also from other instances, but it seems to work only for events hosted on the same instance. It is then much similar (if not identical ) to the Clone function, so I don’t understand its purpose.

You can import from other events (which you can manage) on the same instance. We really need to make it clearer that you cannot import from a different URL.

Clone always creates a new event. import is basically a reverse clone (actually it’s using the same code) where you can import some parts into an existing event.