I cant receive any Email Notification from my Indico instance

Hello, I recently installed the latest version of the Indico instance using this documentation. However whenever a new user registers, they are unable to receive any mail from the platform, I have verified the SMTP credentials to be valid and working. Find attached the logs as I attempt to register a user

I’m not a guru but first I will try to send manually a email from the server to see if that works.

Check indico.log for errors related to sending the email.

I can send emails from the server. Postfix was installed. but that is not the problem

Hi @ThiefMaster, I was able to resolve the issue by adding the EMAIL_BACKEND hostname to indico.conf file. This setting did not come up when I ran indico setup wizard during installation.

Sorry, what exactly did you add? Setting/changing EMAIL_BACKEND should not be needed…

I set the EMAIL_BACKEND to the default indico.vendor.django_mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend and I started receiving the emails.

Then something else was wrong… Maybe you didn’t restart everything after a previous config change?

I actually tried commenting out the Email_backend command and tried again but it didn’t work. so I think that is the issue.

That’s strange, because unless you are somehow setting it elsewhere, the default value is taken if it’s not in the config… is there anything in indico.log when you try to send an email while it’s not working?