I cannot set the registration fee larger than 999999.99


Indico does not allow me to enter the registration fee larger than 999999.99. In Vietnamese dong, the registration fee is bigger than this amount. How can I get config to enter the actual registration fee?



The maximum that should be possible is 999999999.99 (this is the constraint we set on the database). That’s almost 40k€, so it should cover even the most expensive events. :wink:

However, I see for setting the base price we have a lower limit:

I consider this a bug and we’ll fix this in v3.3 (or if you want to send a Pull Request yourself, you’re welcome!). For now you can manually edit that file on your server and then restart indico-uwsgi.service and you should be able to set the higher fee.

Thank you for your quick turnaround. Much appreciated.