Howto disable checkout option


We have no payment options configured, which currently is how we want it. Someone has organised an event which requires payment, but which will be paid by the attendee after being contacted by the organisers. However there is still a checkout step and this shows no available options.

is is possible to disable this step or to include a null option for payment, which can still be selected?




Disabling the payment feature in the event would hide it, but that also means registrations will never go into the “unpaid” state.

So you might want to enable the payment_manual plugin. By default it’s labelled “Bank Transfer” but you can customize its title and text in the event and use it e.g. to provide detailed information on when/how the user will pay.


Thanks. How do I enable the plugin? The docs at say “see the guide linked above”, but I don’t see any linked guide.




Not sure why the link is broken… gonna check that.

Anyway, it’s supposed to point to this page:


Thanks. I’ve got it working.