How to use manual payment?


I’m trying to configure an event with the payment managed by an external service. I’d the feeling that using manual payment I would be able to provide the user with instructions on how to proceed with the payment using a custom message. But It is not clear to me how it works exactly. I have the manual payment enabled but it cannot be selected when clicking on “Checkout” button.

I certainly missed something but I cannot figure out what… I’m using CERN Indico for this event.

Thanks in advance for any hint. Cheers,


My guess is that you only have “Manual” enabled (it’s always enabled), but not “Bank transfer”. The latter is what corresponds to the payment_manual plugin and where you can provide instructions on how to pay (you can change the title to be different than “Bank transfer” btw).

In any case there won’t be any automated update of the participants to mark them as paid, so you would need to do this manually by clicking “mark as paid” in the event’s management area.

If that did NOT solve your issue, please send me the link to the event on Mattermost and I can have a look.

Thanks! I missed that I had to enable also the bank transfer. I’m aware that there will be no automatic update (it’s a manual payment after all!) but it allows to keep the payment instructions integrated with the registration.