How to upload a full paper after the deadline

Is it possible to submit the full paper on behalf of an author after the deadline? We have received acceptable excuses from some authors and need to submit their papers to the indico system. Is there an option to allow selected authors or the author’s representatives to submit their papers?

Thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions!

You can add the person to ‘Authorised submitters’ in Reviewing settings. Authorised submitters can submit even after the deadline. The same also works for abstract submissions.


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Thank you for your response, @troun .I am unable to locate the “Authorised submitters” section within the Reviewing settings of Paper Peer Reviewing. Additionally, I require the capability for the conference paper’s lead manager to upload papers on behalf of authors, even post-deadline. Could you please assist?

You’re probably using an outdated Indico version. This setting was added in 3.2.4 (but you should update to the latest version which is 3.2.7 atm)

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You’re right, and I’ve noticed that. I’ll make sure to update to the latest version. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you for your reply, @ThiefMaster. I have a question regarding the ability for authors to upload their papers before updating Indico. Our operations team has scheduled the update to start in two weeks, and we have a conference for which the reviewing process has already begun.

Thanks for your support.