How to remove conference from create event menu

HI, I want to remove the creation of conference from the create event menu allowing only lectures and meetings. I was trying to remove “yield TopMenuItem(‘create-conference’, _(‘Create conference’), ‘conference’, 10, section=‘create-event’)” but it did not seem to affect the dev version at all and I’m afraid it may not be best practice to do this.

What’s the way / best way to do it?

What’s the best guide for the overall development framework (best practices of how to …)?


I found the answer myself reading some other forum posts. The menu is controlled by events/management/_create_event_button.html.

I’m still confused by the overall structure of the code, having only used Flask. Is there a simpler project whose structure is similar to Indico or any docs for the architecture?

Note that even if you remove the button, the event type can still be changed after creating it.

None I’m aware of. We have a bit of docs but nothing specifically written to describe the architecture.

Feel free to ask some specific questions here though.