How to make indico users to accept legal disclaimers (by e.g. ticking a box)?

Hello the list,

I would like to know how I can make indico users to accept legal disclaimers (Administration —> General Settings —> Security —> Legal/Disclaimers) when they create an account (by themselves) to register for an event (e.g. a conference)? I’m managing my own instance of indico (version 2.1.7).

I would really appreciate your help.

Przemysław Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz

Currently that’s not possible, but we want to add something like this at some point during this year (during account creation).

If you need it sooner and have a python developer who wants to work on it - we’d greatly appreciate someone contributing this functionality to the project!

OK, I understand.

Best regards,
Przemysław Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz, Poland