How to install indico on a cpanel

Hi, I am new to indico and have successfully set it up in a centos 8 on a virtual box, I want to set it up on cepanel on our dedicated live hosting server which has a cpanel.
How do I go about it?

Thank you

You should use a clean server/VM to set up Indico. Mixing it with other stuff is not recommended in general, and we never tested (and don’t plan to do so) it on a server that has a “classic” webhosting management tool like cpanel installed. There’s a good chance that things will break.

FWIW, I think an experienced admin who’s familiar with both what cpanel does on a server and with how Python webapps are deployed could manage to have both coexist, but I’m afraid we cannot help you with this…

What about if you have access to the root?

Same answer as before :wink:

So what do you suggest I do? since I have a 8-core dedicated cpanel environment hosting server from Hostgator for our website and other PHP webapps on it. I need to setup the indico for an upcoming conference.

Thank you.

A separate server/VM is clearly the best option. If that doesn’t work, then see the second paragraph from my initial reply. Technically it should be possible for sure unless cpanel insists on overwriting the full webserver config (since the webserver needs to be configured to proxy requests for the subdomain you use for indico to indico’s uwsgi server hosting the python webapp)

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I am also a newbie when it comes to installing Indico. So, are you saying we need to acquire another server/VM?

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Theoretically you can host it on the same server. But you need some more advanced linux administration knowledge to do that.