How to get custom map URL via Indico API?

When creating an Indico event it is possible to add a custom Map URL if no room is selected.

I would like to access this value via the Indico API, which contains a roomMapURL field, but it seems to stay empty if a custom map URL (i.e. a Google Maps link) is used.

Is there another way to access this value?

Wow, I completely forgot that we have a custom map URL on the event level. The current logic in the API is this:

'roomMapURL': if else None,

So currently a map URL is only available if the selected room points to a room that’s in the room booking module’s database.

This should be changed to event.map_url instead which does the right thing. Alternatively it could also be added as a new map_url key in that dict since it’s not necessarily related to the room.

Are you interested in sending a pull request? (it’s a one-line change so a nice possible contribution)

Yes, I will do that. Thanks!