How to disable the automatic email confirmation for participants of a meeting

Dear All,
I am used to prepare Meeting pages on Indico with registration for participants. I need to keep track of the participants but I don’t need their email and neither I want that indico send them automatically an email of confirmation of their participation (since anyway their names will appear on the meeting page).
In the previous version of Indico one could keep the registration form very minimal, restricting only to Name and Surname. Now I can not anymore disable the “email” entry in the registration form, and moreover an email is sent to every participant.
Is it possible to disable this function?

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Hey Alberto,

unfortunately the email address is mandatory and it has been like that in the previous versions as far as we remember. This is quite useful since most of the times people want to receive some updates about the event that they registered for.

As to sending notifications. In case you register people yourself, you have an option not to send a notification after you are done with the registration.

Feel free to ask more questions if something is unclear or if you find this explanation not sufficient.


Hey Michal,
thanks for the fast reply.
Maybe you then have anyway suggestion on how to solve my issue by using another Indico setting. I organize meetings and I ask participant to register themselves in order to have an idea of the amount of participants for the practical organization.
On the other hand, I do not want Indico to send them automatically a confirmation email when they register. They already know that they are registered since their name appears on the meeting webpage. Since I organize this type of meetings very often, I would really like to avoid spamming every participant with confirmation emails. Note that after their registration, I have their email in case I want to send an email with updates.
Is there a way to disable at least the automatic confirmation email? Maybe I should change the format from Meetings to Lecture or some other type of event?

Thanks a lot and Best Regards,

Currently there’s no way to disable this email but I think we’d be open to a Pull Request adding a setting to disable them.

Isn’t it pretty common for people to get an email when signing up for anything though? Personally I think it’s convenient to have the email as a reminder.

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Dear Thief Master,
thanks for the fast reply and the information.

I agree with you, it is normally convenient to have a confirmation email in usual events. In my case, the events that I organize are small and very frequent so there is not really need for reminders. Moreover the participants list is already displayed on the meeting page so there is no real extra information on this confirmation email.
In general I think anyway that giving the administrator an extra option would be always a good improvement for making the Indico platform even more flexible.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Alberto Mariotti

You can override email functionality on registration by creating your own custom templates. You may need to customize code in registration_modification_to_registrant.html, registration_creation_to_registrant.html, registration_state_update_to_registrant.html. You have to place a copy of them on /opt/indico/custom/templates/core/events/registration/emails/. Don’t forget to specify the path in indico.conf.
Take a look at for details.

Customizations can’t be used to disable emails. Overriding the template with an empty one would not only affect all events but also result in sending emails.