How to Create users from excel sheet using indico shell

Is it possible to create users from an Excel sheet using Indico shell?

Any help would be appreciated.

Should probably work with:

from indico.modules.users.operations import create_user
from indico.modules.auth import Identity

#read xls...
#  "should have  email, username, password, first_name, last_name,affilitation"
for data in row:
 email =data.pop('email')
  identity = Identity(provider='indico', identifier=data.pop('username'), password=data.pop('password'))

   create_user(email, data, identity=identity, settings=None, other_emails=None, from_moderation=True)

See indico/modules/users/ for more.

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Check out indico-cli which has an option to create users via command line (using the API, not indico shell). Massaging the CSV a bit you should be able to get the parameters in place.