How to config registration form in new version of indico

Dear Indico Team,

How can we set up a registration form in a new version of indico,

my version of indico is * Indico version installed (2.1.8)

when I create a new meeting and need users to register it

so I create register but when I click configure for the registration form will show the message as Configure questions in form “Registration”

can you tell me how to config the registration form?

Thank you,

Dear Jimmy,

we have two sections dedicated to that in our Indico documentation which you can find here

Hope that helps.


Dear kolodzie,

first of all, thanks for your quick reply.

I try to follow the step to do the config and I enable the payment and I set up all the setting an example shows that, but when I click the configure button for the registration form, it shows that, Configure questions in the form "Registration,

so can you help me, anything wrong with my indico?


Dear Jimmy,

You don’t have to enable that if that is not necessary.
Can you open your browser developer tools and take a screenshot of possible errors displayed there?


Dear Team,

when i click the conifguation for the registartion form on the first page, the second page will show out.

i have no idea how to do that. pls help me. thanks

Jimmy24 03

Can you show us the Console tab? Not the Sources.


This is usually caused by a misconfiguration. This answer should probably help you resolve it.

Many thanks, i got it.