How to collect camera ready(Final Version) papers

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I kindly request your assistance in using the Indico system to collect camera-ready papers and compile them for final publication or presentation, after the paper peer reviewing stage. Your cooperation in this matter would be highly appreciated.

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Indico does not have a paper publishing process beyond showing the final accepted paper as a PDF download on the individual contribution. Anything beyond that (e.g. compiling them into a single PDF, or doing any more sophisticated publishing/layouting operations) are outside the scope of the Indico core.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. Could you please provide details on how CERN manages the collection of Camera-Ready Paper Submissions, including the deadline for submission?

This is not a common workflow on our side. The var majority of our events do not use any of the paper reviewing/editing modules.

I know that some other organizations like JACoW have a very sophisticated workflow that involves custom Indico plugins and external microservices for something after the paper reviewing & editing process, but I don’t think this would be easy/straightforward to re-use (even if most/all of it is open source).

Thank you for providing information about CERN and JACoW workflows. I believe we may not have sufficient time to do modification like the JACoW system.

Regarding the editing module, do you recommend using it to allow authors to submit their final paper versions?

I suggest reading Introduction - Learning Indico to understand the different modules, and then deciding on whether you want to use one of them and which one better fits your workflow and needs.

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