How to change a password for an indico user (as indico administrator)?



How can I change password for an indico user (as indico administrator) not knowing this user’s password?. I’m runing indico version 2.1.7

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Przemysław Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz, Poland


I don’t think we have a way for an admin to reset someone’s password at the moment - ideally the user should use the “reset password” function which will send them a link to set a new password.


That should be good enough. By the way, how can I (as indico admin) list all indico users? It seems like the user search form does not allow me to do that.

Przemysław Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz, Poland


that’s very spammy on a larger instance. i believe searching for an email address of @ with exact matches disabled does the job though.


It worked. My Indico instance will be rather small (probably at most 50 users). Can users be displayed in a specific order (e.g. creation date)?


In case of the Users page in the Administration area, then no. There is currently no way to sort the results. If you need to sort the results then maybe doing it in the indico shell would be better. Depends of course on your usecase.


I see. What about deleting a particular Indico user? I can’t find that option anywhere.


So, it is not that easy to hard delete a user. You can soft delete it so that it is still there in the database but Indico will not see it as an active user. You can use indico shell for that.

>>> user = User.get_one(<id of the user>)
>>> user.is_deleted = True
>>> db.session.commit()


To hard-delete you could use db.session.delete(user), but this might fail during flush/commit if the user is linked to anything from which it cannot easily be removed (otherwise you’d lose e.g. abstract reviews done by a user when deleting him).

But for a user that wasn’t actively using Indico, chances are good that the hard deletion actually works.


I see. The idea behind that question was whether I can ‘recover’ an e-mail address so it can be used again during registration. However, I don’t feel very comfortable with using indico shell.

Thank You very much for your help.

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Przemyslaw Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz, Poland


What’s the usecase for that? People leaving your organization and then others with the same name getting their old email address?


Simply allowing the same conference participant to register again (with the same e-mail address) after deleteing his/her account for whatever reason.


I think you are mixing up event and indico registrations. To register for an event, you do not need an indico account - and if you delete someone’s registration, they can register again with that email address.

For indico accounts, users currently have no way to delete their account on their own - but if they had, their email address could immediately be used to register again as well.


Yes, right, but registering for the conference I have created requires an Indico account (that’s how I have set it up) and an e-mail address related with that Indico account can not be reused as long as that Indico account exists (which is definitely good). Anyway, I just wanted to know whether it is possible to remove an Indico account (now I know it’s not possible) to recreate it with same e-mail address. Sometimes it’s just the easiest way to fix things :).

Thank You very much for your help.

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Przemyslaw Tokarski
NCBJ, Lodz, Poland