How to assign a program/track chair in peer review process

In our conference, we require each track to have a program/track chair who will be responsible for managing the reviewing process of their respective track only during the peer review process. Is it possible to configure the peer review process in the Indico system to accommodate this requirement? We would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences related to configuring the peer review process in Indico or similar systems."

I’d really appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about the abstracts reviewing process ( there you can configure per-track roles under “Call for abstracts”-> Reviewing → Roles) or the paper submission peer review process ( this does not have track options currently, so you would need to manage it by manual assignment of the papers to judges ( I guess that is what maps best here).

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Thank you for your reply. It answers my question. We require it for the paper submission peer review process.