How to add a payment option

How to add a payment option

We have a plugin for PayPal; if you want to use something else in an automated fashion you’d need to develop your own plugin to integrate with the service you want to use.

There’s a payment link I have seen been used before So I created an account and generated a link but am not able to link it up with the bank transfer payment method

How to properly use the link?

You can just put <> in the “Payment details” field of the bank transfer plugin settings and it should become a clickable link.

I have but it did not show when you register

Is the registration in the ‘awaiting payment’ state? If no registration fee and/or billable fields were set at the moment of registration, it does not require payment and thus no payment step will be shown.

The check out show now, but the link is not clickable?

Hmm we should be using markdown there. Maybe we don’t linkify automatically even when inside <...>. Try the full markdown link syntax: [link title](https://link url)

It is clickable now when I used <a href="">

So, there are 3 type of attendees to the conference, how do I show which fee to pay?

You can add a required single-choice dropdown field and set different prices for the different options. At the same time you would remove the general registration fee (in the regform settings)

Okay, am on it. Thank you so much for the assistance

But how to pass the amount to the payment option without the applicant typing the amount

If your payment provider supports passing such options via query string then you can use the placeholders that are available.

They do support but not in the url, they accept it as input behind the form.

Yes they support passing options, I have tested though it is subject to be changed from the html side.