How do I delete a user in version 2.0.3 of Indico?

How do I delete a user in version 2.0 of INDICO?

Completely deleting a user from Indico is not possible, since they may be linked to many other objects in the database.

In case this is about a deletion request: In the future we will most likely provide a way to anonymize a user, i.e. remove their name and email address (and other personal data they may have entered, even though they could delete that themselves).

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I added a deleted user anonymize function to the Advanced event cleaner cronjobs plugin.

As I currently can not flag such Users as already anoymized, they will get re-anoymized on each run…

the user deactivation option maybe it would be a good idea, then I would forbid logging to indico

So far as I remember, it (user deactivation option) was implemented in Indico 0.99.

You can block a user but we currently do not expose UI for it - you have to do it via indico shell:

user = User.get(ID)
user.is_blocked = True

where could I read anything about indico shell ?

It’s just an IPython shell with a pre-configured Indico Flask app and the DB model classes pre-imported. Just follow our API reference.

We should really have a beginner’s guide to DB usage using the shell. Maybe someone will want to write a couple of paragraphs about it one of those days, and add it to our docs?


With the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) should Indico allow a user to Delete or Disable is own account, or at least allow a admin to disable is own account in the same way that an account is created, this means through the GUI?

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Yes please to the beginner’s guide!

From the comment:

An interface that will allow an administrator to anonymize an indico account