Hiding private event


Is it possible to hide an event from a category for witch the user doesn’t have right ?

This is to avoid the displaying of all event from a category without having to build a big category trees and managing rights for hundred users…

For these event, people are invited by email and do not need to go to the main menu of indico. The main menu is more for organisers and admin.


Unfortunately, there is no way to filter protected events on the category display page. However, this should be quite easy to implement if you manage your own instance of Indico.

The reason why we do not hide events you can’t access is that it could be somewhat expensive to check the user’s access for every single event that’d be displayed.

The easiest option would be creating a protected category - that way unauthorized users cannot see the event listing at all, but still use a direct link to any event which they can access.

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Thank you for your reply.

@kolodzie Off course it doesn’t seems to be a big deal to implement it, that is why I asked the question. But changinf the instance code looks like having risks when updating the product :slight_smile:

@ThiefMaster I thought about a simple option like “hide or show” event in the list. then to access it, to avoid expensive cost, you can only go threw “My profil”. Off course it should be better if at login you check event where “Show equal 1” and “admins = your id”. But it’s hard to discuss your choice. I believe that it is not as simple as it is.

Thank by the way !