Help / questions with Plugin development - manual payment


I’m trying to understand the supplied plugin payment_manual

I have installed it and hopefully configured it to ask for / display appropriate details.

Is that it – it just displays name / bank/ and amount required???

I notice in the code it has a event_payment_form.html – is this actually used by this plugin (cannot see where)

Also notice that it suggests I can link to a custom payment site – can you give me an example of how to code this link???

Finally have you any extra info regards developing plugins – I have looked at your supplied documentation and find it very basic – do you have any ‘cheat sheets’ or something similar that you could perhaps share?



Yes, that’s the point of the plugin: Display a custom message, either with details on how to pay (bank transfer etc) or with a link to a custom payment site.

You can use Markdown syntax for this, e.g.

Please [proceed to our payment site]({price}&firstname={first_name:url}&lastname={last_name:url}).

IIRC. a standard HTML link works as well since we usually allow basic HTML in markdown fields as well.

PaymentPluginMixin.render_payment_form in the core handles it.

The “cheat sheets” are looking at our plugins (especially indico-plugins-cern contains some advanced plugins) and asking us (either here or in our IRC channel) :wink: