Header.html customization in 2.2.2


I want to change the title and logo in the header for 2.2.2 indico version.
I added in /opt/indico/etc/indico.conf this parameters

CUSTOMIZATION_DIR = "/opt/indico/custom"

I get in /opt/indico/log/indico.log this

 Customizable: core/header.html (original: /opt/indico/.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/indico/web/templates/header.html, reference: ~header.html

I add the /opt/indico/custom/templates/core/header.html file with this

{% extends '~header.html' %}

{% block logo %}
  {{ super() }}
  <a style="min-height: 60px;" href="{{ url_for_index() }}">
    <img class="header-logo" src="{{ url_for('assets.custom', filename=UNamur.png) }}" alt="UNamur">
  <h1 class="logo-text">Univerité de Namur</h1>
{% endblock %}

I put the UNamur.png logo in the /opt/indico/custom/files/ directory

I refresh the browser and nothing happens :confused:
am i missing something ?

The modifications in css works for me
I added the file /opt/indico/custom/css/unamur.css with

@import 'base/palette';

div.page-header {
    position: relative;
    background-color: #55ab26;
    width: 100%;


And this works.

Did you reload/restart uwsgi?

Thanks, for the prompt answer. This is what I missed. Now it works !!