Handling upgrade with local fixes etc


I would like to get some input on how to handle upgrades on a production system if one needs non-released patches etc.

  1. How safe is it (regading future upgrades) to run from 2.1-dev HEAD git checkout?
  2. How to handle changes not yet merged to the upstream branch that introduce new alembic revision? Are they still stable, or will there be a need to manually patch the database in case other migrations get merged inbetweeen?
  3. Is there timeline for the 2.1 release already?

Thanks in advance,

I wouldn’t. This is a development branch that may be unstable, buggy and data structures that will change.

I wouldn’t apply a patch that contains a schema change on a production machine. I’d wait for the next release. If you really want to do that, then get it from master which at least is known to be reasonably stable.

We’re counting on deploying it at CERN (and having a first beta release) in January.

Yes, that’s what I thought.

I’ll just wait in this case, as the change in question can still wait a bit.

That would still be fine for me, so I’ll just wait a bit. At least for schema-changing things.