Group filled automatically depending on email domain

Hi All,

our indico is set up to use an AAI provider, which allows access (as is intended) from a range of institutions. However, I’d like to limit access to a “Public” category to those that are members of the home institution, by having them automatically part of a group, based on their email.

Is that possible? Is there another way to limit access depending on the user’s email address?


You could write a custom plugin for this to update a group automatically based on this information; it’s pretty straightforward to do.

Hi ThiefMaster, would you have a pointer for me to some intro or help page that would get me up to speed? So far I have not developed anything for indico. Thanks!

Assign group automatically for eduGAIN identities depending in IdP - #2 by ThiefMaster is similar to what you are looking for.