Ground View for Room Booking

Apologize for asking that much these days, but I want to learn more about Indico to simplify our work at the guest relations office.
We startet to work with the room manager this week. In a Indico information video I could see a ground view for room booking, which showed the booked rooms in red, for example. How can we upload a ground view of our seminar room an the guest offices? Is it also possible to write the names of the participants, who booked these rooms, in this view. It’s just for internal use, not public.

Hi, such a feature does not exist. The video is simply advertising material for Indico highlighting some usecases, but not showing actual Indico UI.

The room booking module will only propose available rooms though when search for rooms to book in a particular timeframe. There’s also the view showing current bookings - anyone with access to an Indico instance’s room booking module can see any bookings (it’s meant to be open and transparent, but if your Indico instance itself is public and allows random people to register, you should restrict room booking access to a subset of users).

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