Gravatar does not work


This Category is to give feedback about the site, right?
I noticed that my gravatar is not displayed correctly, although it is correctly selected in my profile settings.
My gravatar URL is (md5-mangled email address, which is the one used for this site as well).
Yes, it needs to be updated, but that is not the point here. :wink:


Very weird. I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on but couldn’t so far. It somehow worked fine for @ThiefMaster, but it just seems to be broken for you (and me).


I still see your picture (with the sunset). But strangely for me it is not even the couloured circle, but a special symbol:
What is this URL? Is the system downloading the gravatar into a local database, then displaying again? (In other systems using gravatar, I see the md5-mangled URL directly for the pictures.)


Yes, I believe that’s what Discourse does.


It doesn’t work for me either :confused:


I’ve tried to google around but haven’t found a solution yet. I looked into the Discourse logs too but there’s nothing obviously wrong…


OK, could you try it now? I believe I finally found out what the issue was.


Yes, you probably see my picture as well in this thread. (I did not upload any private picture in the meantime.)