Google Wallet integration

Dear Indico developers,

we are interested in using the Google Wallet integration and have some questions.

  1. Would you consider it save to use for a productive system even if you call it experimental and is it planned to remain in future?

  2. Is it possible to enable it for selected events/categories only (you are writing that it can be configured on the category level)?

  3. Are any cookies set from Google?

  4. Will there be a connection established from the user to Google before clicking e.g. a Google Wallet button? Will there be a direct connection established from the user to Google at all or only from the Indico server to Google?

  5. What (personal) data of a user are given to Google and when does this happen?

Thank you very much in advance!



  1. We do not use it yet, but I think our colleagues at the UN do. I’ll ping one of them to give some feedback as well (I don’t know if the already used it for a real event or not). The reason we call it experimental is that we did not use it ourselves yet, but testing showed no problems. IIRC the changelog is the only place that mentions it.
  2. Yes, by default it’s disabled everywhere, you need to configure the Google credentials in the category/-ies where you want to use the feature (it’s then available for all events, but needs to be enabled specifically within any event where you actually want to use it in the ticketing config dialog)
  3. We do not run any Google code in Indico. To download/add a pass to your wallet we show a link that goes to a Google server. Of course any data that’s stored in the Google Wallet ticket will be transferred to Google (but only once the user clicks the button to add their ticket to GW), so that’s probably something you may want to consider in your Privacy Policy
  4. I think I answered this in (3)
  5. You can check the code here. Name and email of the registrant, I think anything else in the ticket isn’t PII.