Getting invalid url message on indico


I’ve installed it by following this guide nginx — Indico 3.2.4-dev documentation. and once I completed all the steps shown in the guide it displays that kind of error. my intention is to install it on local server. and I wanted to access it by using private ip address.
I’ve seen this Indico Setup Wizard - #4 by ThiefMaster on the community

and I’ve tried to change /etc/hosts like this. event.system.nira
but I did not understand what @theifmaster means BASE_URL. I help would be appreciated.

Indico can only be accessed through its configured BASE_URL (in your indico.conf file). You try to access it via the IP address instead of the URL (https://event.system.nira).

Either use that URL (if it actually exists in your DNS, it doesn’t seem to be a real domain name) or edit your config to change the BASE_URL (and reload indico-uwsgi.service).