GDPR Compliance πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί


Since many of you have asked about our plans to make GDPR compliance easier on the administration side, here is the GitHub ticket where that is currently being discussed:

Feel free to join the discussion!



I dig up this old message.

What are the current situation of indico about GDPR ?

I got more request every day (well … very often) about GDPR, at the last one are to give the opportunity to the registrant to not appear in the list of the participant



There are currently no resources allocated to this (at CERN). We requested some but we didn’t get them in the last recruitment round.
I agree that hiding names from a list of participants is important functionality that is currently lacking, given that the only alternative is to just hide the list altogether.

As I wrote on the ticket, this matter is very important for the whole community, and given that it’s taking us long to be able to fund this effort, this would be a great opportunity for anyone willing to contribute some development time to do it.