Free Hosting for Indico

Can anyone recommend or share opinions for any free hosting solutions out there for Indico?

Unless you know someone willing to give you a virtual (or dedicated) server for free, any “free hosting” you can find is either garbage (“you get what you pay for”), not suitable (simple “classic webspace” meant for old php/mysql apps) or not trustworthy (how do they pay their bills? is your data really safe there?) or mix of the former.

But you can usually get nice virtual or even dedicated servers for somewhat cheap. Virtual ones are usually 10-20 bucks per month, and cheap dedicated ones are 30-50.

For some personal stuff I have a (dedicated) server at; those machines are more than powerful enough to run Indico. I never tried their VPS but they are cheap and (AFAIK) can be cancelled within a day, so you could just try it. is also pretty popular, but I don’t have personal experience with them.

Absolutely fantastic answer, as always, @ThiefMaster! Thank you!!!