Fotos of participants

Is it possible to upload fotos of participants, taken during an event, in a non public area on Indico? So that just the registered participants can see the pictures.

You can upload the photos in the “material” section of the event under a protected folder accessible to Registrants only:

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Thank you, but are these the event registrants or the registrants of our institute?
Since most of the people come from different institutes from all over the world, it would be important to show it to all of them.

You can create a group based on the people who have an account, if that is what you mean.

Not really. I would need a group based on the participants. Not everone of them has an Indico account.
Thank you very much!

I’m not sure how you can enforce effectively access control without an account. Apart maybe from a private link? But then you would have to circulate it and you have no assurance that the link stays private. :man_shrugging:

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You’re right with the circulation of private links. That’s our problem at the moment. We’ve decided to ulpoad the pictures in public and if anyone don’t like his or her foto can ask as for deletion.

These are user s registered to the event (note that you should also enforce ’ registrant must have an account’ on the registration, as any registrant whithout an account won’t have access ( to indico these are still anonymous visitors).


Thank you. We decided to upload the pictures in the public area.