Formatting of book of abstracts


One user is asking me about the possibility to customize the layout of the book of abstracts. The default layout is including the contribution ID before the contribution title. The event organizers would like to remove it but I didn’t find how to do it if it was possible. Any hint?

Another problem faced by the user is that the book of abstracts PDF seems to be cached on the server side. For example, if an author is changed or its author status is updated (changed from others to authors for example), the PDF is not updated. We waited a significant time (20-30 mn), used different browsers on different machines, but the problem stayed. Could you confirm the caching? How long is the file cached in this case if it is? Or have we done something wrong?

BTW, “book of abstracts” seems misnamed as it seems to be a book of contributions. Am I right? Is it something that is configured somewhere? The current behaviour is fine in fact, just the name is a bit misleading IMO.

Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Customization: They can always download the LaTeX sources, build locally, and then upload it as a custom Book of Abstracts
  • Caching: It’s cached indefinitely since the cache is supposed to be cleared when something changes… in any case, you can simply save the BoA settings which will clear the cache as well.
  • BoA/BoC: No, the name cannot be customized. But AFAIK “Book of Abstracts” is a common name in conferencing, even if technically this contains contributions… and in the end the “description” of a contribution is usually some kind of abstract…