First login without seeing the "Create a new indico profile"

I have a question about how I can let users login to the system without seeing the “Create a new indico profile” page in the first login. since all users are known and the information is stored in the active directory.


thanks for your reply, I checked the documentation and there is no configuration related to “create a new incdico profile” page that appears during the first login. what I need is to skip the following page after the login and automatically create the user profile.



There’s no option to do that.

it can be done from the code or for indico shell?

indico shell: No.

Editing the code: Yes, anything can be done that way. Whether it’s worth making upgrades more complicated by patching the code for something like is something you need to decide for yourself of course.

What’s your usecase for skipping this page? IMO it’s good to let people know they are creating an account and not just creating it for them implicitly the first time t hey log in…

Sure, I am with. The users should know the are creating a profile in system and review his data in AD. this requirement come from one stockholder.